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€ 89,99 € 49,99
€ 89,99 € 49,99

Woman's Padded Jackets

Conbipel women’s padded jackets represent the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and style. Our selection consists of a large range of outwear jackets for every style and need. Find the perfect one for you!

Padded Jackets for any occasion

Conbipel padded jackets are cozy and comfortable, perfect to warm up during the winter days thanks to the quality of their materials. Try them all, from the more sporty models, like bomber jackets or parkas, to the stylish ones, as our beautiful faux-fur jackets, to the more classical models, such as duvets or field jackets. Find your style!

Complete your look

Wear your Conbipel padded jacket with our winter collection pieces: scarves and hats to warm you up during the coldest days and always be fashionable!